• One year of operational experience with claimsforce technology
  • Positive development of customer satisfaction
  • Better cooperation with regulators

Zurich Group Germany accelerates the settlement process in claims management and increases customer satisfaction. For the past year, the insurer has been working with the technology of B2B insurtech claimsforce in claims management for the settlement of so-called "expert claims". These are claims in the area of residential buildings, household contents and liability that require the use of an expert on site due to their amount or complexity.

Zurich uses the claimsforce solution for the assignment and control of both its own experts and other adjusters from external providers. The software first determines the assignment of a claim to a suitable expert. A large number of parameters are taken into account in order to make the best possible selection in terms of qualifications, travel times and workload. With the assignment, the adjuster receives all relevant data and can immediately confirm the assignment digitally.

"Our dispatching has become much more efficient with the help of the software. Real-time data on the order situation and the limitation of driving times provide a sound basis for control. This means we are on site faster and can start recording claims," says Markus Troche, Head of Claims at Zurich Group Germany. 

The system also supports the adjuster during the appraisal. He can enter his appraisal directly in the software on mobile devices and report it back to Zurich. The customer concerned is also integrated into the process. He benefits from accelerated processing and can check the processing status at any time. 

"Together with claimsforce, we have further developed the technology and optimised it for our purposes. In combination with a stringent digitalisation of our processes, we achieve optimal adjuster deployment in claims processing and greater transparency in the process for our customers," Troche reports further. This is an important factor that has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. 

Together with claimsforce, we have further developed the technology and optimised it for our purposes.

The SaaS solution uses data analytics and AI to tap optimisation potential. In the process, a large number of data points are collected and used, which in their entirety cannot normally be taken into account by a human being for decision-making.

Nils Mahlow, founder and CEO of claimsforce, says: "We create excellent claims experiences. That is our claim, from which our partners also benefit. The cooperation with Zurich shows that we are on a very good path to transforming claims management."