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Backoffice Module
Expert Module
Status Tracker Module

Backoffice Module

Intelligent organization for claims settlement
Create and assign cases
Automatic categorization of damage
Simplified communication

With automatic claims creation in the claimsforce Backoffice Module, claims are created in seconds. The disposition algorithm evaluates all contacts based on location, expertise and planned appointments and assigns experts with a click.

The Backoffice Module also provides a comprehensive overview of open tasks for all claims and associated service levels. Claims are automatically categorised and broken down and the reports are automatically updated as new information is added anywhere in the system. These smart features save time and ensure that all parties involved have access to the most up-to-date information.

Messaging logic in the Backoffice Module enables seamless communication and task assignment between all parties. Reports and calculations can be easily transmitted to the insurer within the software. Administrative effort is significantly reduced with the claimsforce Backoffice Module.

Expert Module

Making experts' jobs a lot easier
Overview of enquiries and open claims
Accept or reject requests
Accelerated evaluation via form fields

The claimsforce Expert Module provides intelligent support for experts in their everyday work. It reduces administrative work and allows experts to invest their time in claims processing. At the same time, the calculation of claims becomes transparent and easy to understand for end customers.

Within the Expert Module, open and processed claims are categorised and organised by claimsforce smart technology. With the history function, all details of the claim's history and processing can be viewed at any time. In addition, the Expert Module offers intuitive form fields that simplify and speed up the assessment process –especially when on the go.

Status Tracker Module

More transparency in the editing process
Automatic updates
Provides info for policyholders and claims experts
Fast processing and high customer satisfaction

The claimsforce Status Tracker Module automatically takes over a multitude of communication tasks that otherwise cost claims experts a lot of time. The contact badge, for example, lets the policyholder know who is handling their claim and who they can contact for any questions or concerns.

During the entire processing, the policyholder is informed about the status of his or her claim. This increases customer satisfaction and puts policy holders at ease. 

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