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Assess and evaluate complex claims faster
Backoffice Module
Expert Module
Analytics Module
Status Tracker Module

Backoffice Module

For a better overview and faster disposition
Creation of claims
Automatic or manual disposition
Communication with all parties involved

When a claim is filed, speed is of the essence. With the claimsforce Backoffice Module, claims are created and dispatched in the shortest possible time. This is made possible by data-supported assignment. The module evaluates all contacts according to factors such as expertise, location or availability and then assigns each claim to the best candidates.

Within the software, backoffice employees have a detailed overview of current claims, open tasks and available experts. If a status changes, updates are made in real time - so the data, including the claim report, is always up to date.

The message function ensures smooth communication between the organisation, experts and other parties involved. Individual messages can be sent at any time (without the need for an email tool), and some notifications occur automatically, e.g. when tasks have been completed or are overdue.

Expert Module

Software for an easier everyday work life
Easy assessment - on the road or at the office
Create calculations and reports dynamically
Communicate without external email tools

The everyday work of Sachverständige is dominated by complex damage situations. With their expertise, they bring order to chaotic situations. To make this work easier, the Expert Module is designed to be simple and intuitive.

Already, the assignment of new claims is handled smoothly within the software: experts receive all the important details about a claim and can decide on this basis whether to accept or reject the assignment. Intuitive forms make valuation faster and easier, even on the go. The system creates calculations and reports dynamically and sends them with the click of a button. A history function makes all claim details available at any time. A key function is the damage overview. Here, experts can find an overview of all open and processed claims. Filter and sorting features make work easier - especially during times when there is a high volume of claims.

Analytics Module

Quality assurance and full control
Data in real time
Dashboards for better visualisation
Support for future-oriented decisions

Claims management produces a wide variety of data: How many claims are currently being actively processed? Where are the experts located and what expertise do they have? What are the NPS values over time? What is the current status of claims reserves? You will find these and other data clearly displayed in the Analytics Module. 

With the help of the data, you can discover patterns and run hypothesis-based simulations to check what effect a change might have on future processes.

Status Tracker Module

Policy holders remain informed at all times
Automatic notifications
Decreased time in regulation
Increased customer satisfaction through transparency

Settling a claim is ultimately about supporting the policyholder and making sure their needs are satisfied. Thanks to the claimsforce Status Tracker Module, all parties involved in a claim are kept informed about the status of the claim. Sachverständige can therefore fully concentrate on their substantive tasks - claimsforce takes care of the communication!

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