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TPAs and IAs

Adjuster and expert organizations

The all-in-one software for claims processing.
The claimsforce modules support you in your day-to-day work

Backoffice Module

Intelligent organization for claims settlement
Create and assign claims
Automatic categorization of claims
Simplified communication

With the automatic claims creation in the claimsforce Backoffice Module, claims are created in seconds. The intelligent disposition evaluates all contacts based on location, expertise, and planned appointments. Based on these parameters, the disposition assigns claims to the optimal adjusters.

The Backoffice Module also provides a comprehensive overview of open tasks for all claims and related service levels. Via claimsforce, claim reports are automatically updated as soon as new information is added. This allows all parties involved to access the most up-to-date information at any time. In addition, the message logic enables seamless communication between these parties.

Adjuster Module

Making adjusters' jobs a lot easier
Overview of enquiries and open claims
Accept or reject requests
Accelerated evaluation via form fields

The claimsforce Adjuster Module provides intelligent support for the day-to-day work of adjusters. Administrative effort is reduced and transparency in claims assessment is increased. Automatic notifications inform adjusters about new claim requests. Open and processed claims are categorized and organized by the system. Claims assessment is simplified and accelerated as the adjuster is guided through the assessment process step-by-step.

Analytics Module

Quality control, process optimization, and success simulations
Real-time data in dashboard layouts
Dashboards with data in comparative analyses as a basis for process optimizations
Hypothesis-based simulations

The Analytics Module helps keep track of operational data from the settlement and evaluation of claims and use it for quality control and process optimization. Data in the dashboards includes NPS values over time, number of active and inactive claims, adjuster locations and performance levels, loss reserves, and more.

In addition, the tool gives TPAs and independent adjusters the basis to run hypothesis-based success simulations. This means they can test different scenarios and examine their potential effects on business success.

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