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Underwriting and risk management

claimsforce is the solution for data-driven underwriting and risk management with an excellent user experience
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Create reports / documents

Bundling and simplifying processes
Simple creation and documentation of underwriting assignments and documents
Extensive functionalities for taking, editing and managing photos
Access to standard forms and the option to create your own forms
Create and automatically send reports with just one click

Prepare photo documentation

Enabling exclusive agents to process claims efficiently
Smart photo documentation with intelligent annotation and editing functions
Collaborative work on documents

Working together across teams

Making work easier for adjusters
Keep an eye on all information and communicate seamlessly with all involved parties in one channel
Backoffice, clerks and underwriters can access the same underwriting file at the same time
Simple integration of e.g. retail partners with specific access rights

Manage tasks and appointments

Ensuring quality and optimizing KPIs
Optimum scheduling thanks to an overview of all orders
Management of appointments in the familiar environment (e.g. Outlook) possible
Keep an overview of all tasks at all times
Timely processing of to-do's with the help of consistent SLA management
Improve risk management today.
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Test phase

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Discover the claimsforce software for different users

Among other things, claimsforce supports insurers' backoffices in managing internal and external adjusters and other service providers.
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TPAs and IAs
claimsforce facilitates claims processing for TPAs and IAs with efficient all-in-one software.
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Independent appraisers, adjusters and experts
Regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor with or without an office staff or in a team with other appraisers, regulators and experts, claimsforce provides the leading standard software.
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