We build AI-empowered claims management software.
Improve performance with Ai-empowered and data-driven software. claimsforce equips insurers and adjusters with powerful tools for managing claims and increasing business.
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Stay up to date
Stay up to date with software that is constantly updated to meet the needs of the industry.
Automate tasks
claimsforce offers configurable modules that auto-generate reports and calculations. Ai and extensive data-analytics assist decision-making.
Take control
With comprehensive data analytics, smart claim organization, and task transparency, claimsforce improves business and enables greater control over claims processing.
Achieve more
Save time by inspecting damages remotely with the claimsforce video tools. Reduce driving times and optimize adjuster’s schedules with claimsforce’s sophisticated disposition tool.
Many companies already rely on claimsforce:
"The software enables us to create consistent claims reports, optimize customer communication and enables us to deliver results faster. We are convinced that we get the most advanced technology on the market with claimsforce."
Thorsten Galler
Chairman of the Board of Management at Die Regulierer
"With around 30,000 settled claims, we have enormous potential to act even faster through technological support and to assemble our experience in the best possible way. With this cooperation, we are taking the digitalization of claims processing to a new level."
Matthew Witthall
Member of the Board of REGU24 and CEO of Innovation Group
"With claimsforce, we are fully convinced that we have found the right partner for the digital transformation of our claims settlement process via agents. The solution gives our tied agents more time for customer care and speeds up assistance in the event of a claim."
Nils Behnke
Head of Claims Settlement and Authorized Representative at HanseMerkur
"With claimsforce technology, we are optimally positioned for the future of claims management. The intuitive user interface and the consideration of multiple variables in claims management convinced us."
Frank Werres
Managing Director at Regu24
"Our dispatching has become significantly more efficient with the help of the software. Real-time data on workloads and the limitation of travel times provide a sound basis for control. This means we are on site faster and can start recording the damage."
Markus Troche
Head of Claims at Zurich Group Germany
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