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The claimsforce software supports every claim from disposition and management to evaluation and calculation.
The claimsforce modules support you in your day-to-day work

Disposition Module

Bundling and simplifying processes
Allocation and management of claims
Connecting insurance companies, independent adjusters, and third party administrators
Automatic disposition for over 95% of all claims

With the Disposition Module, claims and settlement can be easily and quickly coordinated. To do this, the software relies on intelligent data support that enables automatic disposition of most claims.

Adjuster Module

Making work easier for adjusters
Overview of enquiries and open claims
Accept or reject requests
Accelerated evaluation via form fields

Internal and external adjusters can fully perform claims processing with the claimsforce Adjuster Module. Among other things, calculations and reports can be generated dynamically. Another key focus is on perfect communication between all parties involved in the claims process, i.e. policyholders, intermediaries and other third parties. Automated processes reduce the time spent on filling out forms, searching for information and correcting errors.

Agent Module

Digital on-site claims recording for tied agents
Interface between insurer and tied agents
Simplification through line of business and hazard-specific dialogs
Compatible with all devices

The intuitive software uses specific questionnaires that guide exclusive agents through claims processing in a simple and targeted manner. Claims can be recorded directly on site with a cell phone or tablet at the policyholder's location, but of course can also be later recorded on the computer. Thanks to the structured data, automated calculation is possible directly in the system. This provides the basis for fast payment that satisfies policyholders and maximum transparency and control for insurers.

Analytics Module

Ensuring quality and optimising KPIs
Clear and comprehensive analyses
Dashboards with real-time data
Improved decision-making

A lot of data accumulates during claims processing. With the claimsforce Analytics module, companies always have the best overview of current cases and other information such as NPS values over time, number of active and inactive claims, payer locations and performance levels, claim reserves and more. Hypothesis-based adjustments help simulate changing processes and their impact on business performance.

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