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claimsforce software supports every claim from disposition and management to evaluation and calculation.
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Disposition Module

Bundling and simplifying processes
Smart allocation and control of claims for optimal settlement
Connecting insurers, internal adjusters and external organizations
Automatic disposition for over 95% of all claims

Adjuster Module

Making work easier for adjusters
Efficient claims processing for internal and external adjusters using automated processes
Accept or reject requests
Optimal communication between all parties involved in the claim

Agent Module

Enabling exclusive agents to process claims efficiently
Interface between insurer and tied agents
Digital damage assessment on site with all mobile devices
Simplification of claims processing via presets for specific lines of business and risks

Analytics Module

Ensuring quality and optimizing KPIs
Comprehensive but clear overview of all claims and KPIs
State-of-the-art dashboards with real-time data
Simulation abilities to help with decision-making and optimization
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Support at every step
Nothing is as important to us as our customers. To guarantee the best quality of service, we keep individual support and a hands-on mentality as our top priorities.
"The software enables us to create consistent claims reports, optimize customer communication and enables us to deliver results faster. We are convinced that we get the most advanced technology on the market with claimsforce."
Thorsten Galler
Chairman of the Board of Management at Die Regulierer
"With around 30,000 settled claims, we have enormous potential to act even faster through technological support and to assemble our experience in the best possible way. With this cooperation, we are taking the digitalization of claims processing to a new level."
Matthew Witthall
Member of the Board of REGU24 and CEO of Innovation Group
"With claimsforce, we are fully convinced that we have found the right partner for the digital transformation of our claims settlement process via agents. The solution gives our tied agents more time for customer care and speeds up assistance in the event of a claim."
Nils Behnke
Head of Claims Settlement and Authorized Representative at HanseMerkur
"With claimsforce technology, we are optimally positioned for the future of claims management. The intuitive user interface and the consideration of multiple variables in claims management convinced us."
Frank Werres
Managing Director at Regu24
"Our dispatching has become significantly more efficient with the help of the software. Real-time data on workloads and the limitation of travel times provide a sound basis for control. This means we are on site faster and can start recording the damage."
Markus Troche
Head of Claims at Zurich Group Germany

One software for different users

Independent appraisers, adjusters and experts
Regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor with or without an office staff or in a team with other appraisers, regulators and experts, claimsforce provides the leading standard software.
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TPAs and IAs
claimsforce facilitates claims processing for TPAs and IAs with efficient all-in-one software.
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Underwriting and risk management
claimsforce offers innovative, data-driven solutions for risk assessment and analysis for an efficient underwriting process.
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