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Independent appraisers, adjusters and experts

The claimsforce software is designed for the management of property and liability claims.
For whom is claimsforce suitable?
Single user without office staff
This means that you process claims completely on your own, from the creation of the claim to the report.
Single user with office service
Here, you as an appraiser, adjuster or expert are supported by an office service person for selected activities.
Teams of independent appraisers, adjusters and surveyors
You will work together with other colleagues in a team and will be supported by a small office team.
claimsforce with its functions supports you in your daily work routine

Create reports

Damage can be easily created and documented, from damage history to cause of damage as well as other relevant parameters.
In addition, claimsforce enables extensive functionalities for taking, editing and managing photos.
The system offers the possibility to access standard forms (e.g. protocols, instructions, etc.) and also to create your own forms. You benefit from intelligent functions such as digital signature and automatic field filling.
Reports can be generated and sent automatically and individualized from all recorded information.

Create calculations

Calculations of damages can be made on the basis of cost estimates or price databases.
In addition, all typical functionalities such as current value, tax consideration, lump-sum compensation and others are included.

Document measurement

Our measurement function enables quick and easy recording of damaged rooms, areas and materials.
All relevant information, such as room dimensions and the condition and age of materials, can be documented fully digitally on site and linked easily and across devices with the calculation in a claim.

Work task based

Thanks to our intelligent task manager, you always have an overview of all tasks and can process To Do's on time.
This gives you the opportunity to keep track of all claims and tasks and to carry out consistent "SLA management".

Arrange appointments

With our Appointment Manager, you keep track of all orders and damages and can optimally plan appointments.
Thanks to the calendar integration, all appointments can be managed in the familiar environment (e.g. MS Outlook).

Use other functions optionally

For teams of appraisers, adjusters and surveyors with office support, other useful functions such as the 4-eyes principle for reports or the control and planning of orders are optionally available.
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